Does activated charcoal teeth whitening really work?


Charcoal teeth whitening explained

We speak to the experts about the charcoal teeth whitening trend.

How to treat buck teeth
Buck teeth: facts and fixes

Should you fix your protruding teeth or leave them to it?

Shaving rash treatment and prevention tips
How to treat ingrown hairs and shaving rash
Everything you need to know about ingrown hairs, itchy skin and shav…
Portrait smiling woman drinking water
How to fix dehydrated skin
We speak to the experts about how to keep your skin hydrated and hea…
How safe are sunbeds?
We look at the safety concerns associated with sunbeds and the truth…
How to treat skin rashes in babies and children

What you can do to treat eczema, chickenpox and impetigo in children

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fine lines
How to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Worried about fine lines? Here's how to minimise premature wrinkles.

How to manage dry or eczema-prone skin

If your skin is often dry and cracked, here are five easy ways to help manage it.

Prevent infection and retain colour
Tattoo aftercare: how to care for your new tattoo

The essential guide to avoiding infection and retaining colour vibrancy.

Hair loss in women: how to prevent thinning hair

We speak to the experts about why your hair is falling out, and what you can do about it.

Psoriasis treatment tips
8 effective psoriasis treatment tips

Minimise psoriasis outbreaks with our expert tips from Consultant Dermatologist Dr Alexis Granite.

3 simple ways to stop blushing if you often turn bright red

Why people blush and how to stop turning red if it interferes with your life.

Teeth whitening risks
The benefits and risks of teeth whitening

Only dentists registered with the General Dental Council should carry out teeth whitening.

How to prep your toes for sandal season
7 essential summer foot care tips

Plagued by discoloured toes, cracked heels and fungal nail infections?

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Pregnancy skin
How pregnancy affects your skin

From acne to itching, hormones can have a big impact on your skin.

Laser hair removal facts
Everything you need to know about laser hair removal

Is it safe, is it worth it and does it suit every skin tone? We investigate permanent hair removal.

The facts about fake tan, according to a dermatologist

Dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto gives us the inside scoop on fake tanning and your health.

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White spots on nails treatment tips
What causes white spots on your nails?

Do white dots or lines on your nails indicate an underlying health condition?

How to minimise large facial pores
How to minimise large facial pores

We speak to the skincare experts about enlarged facial pores and how to reduce them.

Skincare treatments
How to get rid of blackheads for good

A dermatologist gives us the inside scoop on how to prevent blackheads.

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