NHS health services terminology in the UK

Health services

The A to Z of health services

The main terms you'll come across with reference to health services in the UK.

Living will / Advance Decision
Living will: advance decisions explained
All about the document that gives instruction for end-of-life care i…
Health professionals in the NHS
A to Z of health professionals
The A-Z of staff who are vital for the efficient running of an NHS h…
The A to Z of hospital departments in the UK
A to Z of hospital departments
The main departments you'll come across when you visit an NHS hospit…
Fitbits to be given to those at risk of diabetes

The new scheme hopes to combat type 2 diabetes.

Year 8 boys to be offered HPV vaccine

Public Health England announced the plans following the success of the programme to vaccinate girls.

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Travel vaccinations: where to get your holiday jabs

Going abroad and think you might need vaccines? Here's everything you need to know.

Smear tests: how to overcome cervical screening anxiety

Terrified of attending your smear test? We explain how to overcome smear fear.

Is it safe?
Everything you need to know about online STI tests

Are online STI tests safe, do they work and where can you buy them?

How to access your medical records

Who has access to your health history and how to view your own medical records.

7 reasons to see a pharmacist
7 reasons to visit your pharmacist

The health experts on the high street can help!

What to do if you can’t get a GP appointment

7 alternative ways to seek medical advice if you're not able to visit your doctor.

How cervical smear tests are changing
How cervical smear tests are changing

The changes have begun rolling out this week.

This simple test tells you how old your heart is
This simple test tells you how old your heart is

Experts are urging over 30s to take the test – and most of us are failing it.

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Use honey to treat your cough, say new guidelines
Use honey to treat your cough, say new guidelines

Health professionals are being urged to offer the natural remedy instead of antibiotics.

Hospital patient
The NHS is trialling an Airbnb-style scheme for discharged hospital patients

Homeowners could be paid £1,000 a month to rent spare rooms

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Labour's Jeremy Corbyn and Prime Minister Theresa May
What have the main parties promised about the NHS?

Here's what the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are pledging around health

woman in a hospital bed
Introduction to private health care
People seek private medical treatment for many reasons, the most common being a wish to avoid lengthy NHS waiting lists, concerns about…
doctor's bag with stephoscope
Home visits and out-of-hours care

Many patients believe there is an automatic right to a home visit from a GP between 8am and 6.30pm, but this is not the case