5 trigger foods to avoid IBS

Healthy eating

IBS: the 5 trigger foods to avoid

Ease Irritable Bowel Syndrome and beat belly bloat by avoiding these trigger foods.

The key to weight loss or dangerous fad?
The ketogenic diet explained
What really happens to your body when you mix low carb with high fat…
Acid reflux symptoms, causes and treatments
Acid reflux treatment tips
Suffering from acid reflux? It's not just what you eat, but how you …
4 signs you're not getting enough calcium
How much calcium do you really need?

The tell-tale signs you need to up your daily calcium intake.

Vegan, detox Buddha bowl with turmeric roasted  chickpeas, greens, avocado, persimmon, blood orange, nuts and pomegranate. Top view, flat lay
The health benefits of a plant-based diet
How to eat simple, healthy, meat-free food without feeling like you'…

Maintain good health and fitness through Healthy Eating, nutrition, a balanced diet and delicious recipes.

4 things you should do for your stomach every day

They might just help reduce bloating, cramping and constipation.

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Fresh salad bowl with shrimp, tomato, avocado and arugula on wooden background close up. Healthy food. Clean eating. Top view. Flat lay.
How to get more minerals into your diet

Expert advice on the best sources of minerals and why they're important.

Couple sharing ice lolly on beach, Cape Town, South Africa
12 ways to eat healthy food this summer

Here's how to eat healthily when it's hot outside...

The best weight loss foods to keep you fuller for longer

A dietician explains what makes some foods more filling than others.

Food cravings: how to combat the urge for junk food

There's a reason why your tummy keeps telling you it wants sugar, says dietician Juliette Kellow.

Nutritional psychiatry: food and your mental health

Can you eat yourself happy? According to the experts, you really are what you eat.

The definitive guide to intuitive eating

Introducing the anti-diet diet, designed to foster a healthier relationship with food.

Is a dairy-free diet bad for your bones?

If you're thinking of giving up cows' milk, here's how to maintain healthy bones.

The 6 best plant-based milk substitutes

Ditched cow's milk? Get clued up on the dairy-free alternatives.

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The telltale signs you might be gluten intolerant

As sales of gluten-free products continue to rise, we separate the wheat from the chaff.

Can a vegetarian diet affect fertility and pregnancy?

We speak to a dietician about the impact of vegetarianism on conception and pregnancy.

Healthy vegetarian recips
This delicious recipe will make you happy to go vegetarian

Hands up who secretly loves a sneaky kebab? Introducing the Meatless Dirty Doner...

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Beginners guide to going vegetarian
The beginner's guide to being a healthy vegetarian

Thinking of going meatless? Here's how to get all your essential nutrients and stay healthy on a plant-based diet.

The surprising health benefits of chocolate

Chocolate has some surprisingly positive effects on your mental and physical wellbeing.

The health benefits of a yeast-free diet

Everything you need to know about the traditional diet said to combat candida.


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