How to overcome fear of flying

Summer health tips

How to overcome your fear of flying

Wave goodbye to aviophobia with expert tips from a clinical psychologist.

Heatstroke symptoms, causes and treatment
How to avoid heatstroke this summer
The dangers of heatstroke and how to keep your cool throughout the s…
What is salmonella and how can you prevent it?

Expert advice on how to treat salmonella.

What to do when your ankles, feet or legs swell up when travelling.
How to fix swollen feet in hot climates

What to do when your ankles, feet or legs swell up when travelling.

How safe are sunbeds?
We look at the safety concerns associated with sunbeds and the truth…

From skincare to travel tips, we want to help you have the best summer possible and thrive in the UK heatwave.

Couple sharing ice lolly on beach, Cape Town, South Africa
12 ways to eat healthy food this summer

Here's how to eat healthily when it's hot outside...

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How to treat food poisoning for a faster recovery

If you're vomiting the day after a barbecue, it's likely you have food poisoning.

Tuberculosis: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Expert advice on everything you need to know about tuberculosis.

Lyme disease: causes, treatment and prevention

Lyme disease is an infection that starts with a tick bite, and cases are on the rise in the UK.

The truth about tanning injections and tan safety
How to tan: tanning injections, fake tan and sun safety tips

The truth about tanning injections, tanning safety and how to take care of your skin.

How to create a HIIT workout at home

What is High Intensity Interval Training and how can you do it at home?

Prevent infection and retain colour
Tattoo aftercare: how to care for your new tattoo

The essential guide to avoiding infection and retaining colour vibrancy.

What is travellers' diarrhoea and how can you avoid it?

We look at the causes, treatment and prevention of the tummy trouble that's common on holiday.

Psoriasis treatment tips
8 effective psoriasis treatment tips

Minimise psoriasis outbreaks with our expert tips from Consultant Dermatologist Dr Alexis Granite.

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What to pack in your travel first aid kit this summer

The holiday health essentials to remember if you're travelling to a foreign country.

Are vitamin D supplements better than sunshine?

Who should take vitamin D supplements how to hit your daily sunshine quota.

Are you at risk of deep vein thrombosis?

Expert advice on who's at risk of DVT and how to avoid it during a long-haul flight.

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How to prep your toes for sandal season
7 essential summer foot care tips

Plagued by discoloured toes, cracked heels and fungal nail infections?

How to keep your kids safe from heatstroke

As the temperature rises kids are at high risk of heatstroke - here's how to avoid it.

Folliculitis: how to treat and prevent shaving rash

Everything you need to know about this itchy skin complaint referred to as shaving rash.